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Photo DVD Conversion


Large Format Photo Prints

All format video tapes including Hi8/8mm, DV, Betamax, VHS  to DVD, SVCD or Video CD converison, casette tape, reel to reel tape, or vinyl  to CD recording for a long term storage.

Video Tape to DVD Transfer

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Large Format Printing

Poster size digital photo printing, photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

Film Scan


16MM Film to DVD

Video Tape to DVD Transfer

Video Transfer

8MM Film to DVD Transfer

Photo DVD Conversion

Video Tape to DVD Transfer


Vinyl to CD conversion

Reel to Reel Tape to CD

Open reel, 8-track, cassette tape to CD transfer, CD recording



      Convert your precious audio recording  from cassette tapes, open reel ( reel to reel ) tapes, 8 track or HiFi VHS tapes to audio CD.  Audio CD has the advantages of  having a much longer lifetime, easier access to different sections of the audios, and compact in size. Once you converted the audio tape to CD, you could make many copies of the CD without losing any sound quality. ( because the sound is digitally recorded on a CD ).

    We use the studio quality sound capturing  equipments to capture your music into digital format and then output it to an audio CD. 

   Each CD can contain up to 80 minutes of audio, if your tape exceeds that limit, we will separate the audio into CDs. For cassette, 8 track , or HiFi VHS tapes, the max. length of the audio is well written on the case. For reel to reel tapes, it will be a little more complicate to know the length of the audio. Here is a guide line to figure out how long the audio contained on the reel to reel tape : For 7" diameter reels recorded at 7 1/2 speed, you have 50 minutes per side. The amount of time doubles for speed at 3 3/4 and quadruples at 1 7/8 , doubles for 10" reels and cuts in half for 3" reels.

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Cassette to CD transfer  ( 60 minutes cassette )

$ 15.00 


Cassette to CD transfer  ( 90 , 100, 120 minutes cassettes, onto 2 CDs )

$ 20.00 


Open reel and 8-track to CD transfer ( First 80 minutes of the tape )

$ 20.00 


Track separation ( extra charge on top of CD transfer, per 80 minutes CD )

$   8.00 


Each additional copy of CD

$   5.00 

       ATC03 is for the first 80 minutes of the tape. If the tape is longer than 80 minutes, then we charge 20 cents per extra minute.

      ATC04  separates sections ( if they have a brief blank in between ) on the tapes into different tracks ( titles ) on the CD so that you can select from track to track on the CD to listen.  


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