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All format video tapes including Hi8/8mm, DV, Betamax, VHS  to DVD, SVCD or Video CD converison, casette tape, reel to reel tape, or LP to CD recording for a long term storage.

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Poster size digital photo printing, photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print.

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      Our vinyl to CD recording ( LP to CD ) service converts your old vinyl records to audio CD.  Audio CD has the advantages of  having a much longer lifetime,  and compact in size. Once you converted the music on a LP  to CD, you could make many copies of the CD without losing any sound quality. ( because the sound is digitally recorded on a CD ).

      We use the studio quality sound capturing  equipment  to capture your music into digital format and then output it to an audio CD. We offer optional services for reducing the annoying clicks and pops noises in the audio. We offer two options: Standard clean up ( ARC04 ) and Intensive clean up ( ARC05 ). If your LP has minor click and pop noises, ARC04 would be the choice.  Otherwise, please use the ARC05 option for a more thorough clean up of the noises. In this option, we manually go through the left-over clicks and pops after the software automatic removals ( up to 40 minutes of our time. If it has too many, we only pick the major ones ). Please note that even with the intensive clean up option, we can only guarantee that click and pop noises will be reduced significantly, but not completely removed.

    We take 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm vinyl records. Some old records may have problems skipping tracks. It is not our responsibility for those lost audios on the converted CD.

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LP to CD recording , with tracks separation



LP to CD recording , with tracks separation & printed CD case inserts



Option 1: Standard Clicks and Pops clean up ( extra charge on top of ARC02 or ARC03 )



Option 2: Intensive Clicks and Pops clean up ( extra charge on top of ARC02 or ARC03 )



Each additional copy of CD

$  5.00

     ARC02  separates sections ( if they have a brief blank in between ) on the record into different tracks on the CD so that you can select from track to track on the CD to listen. ARC03 also includes a CD jewel case with full color printed inserts on top ( Picture of your LP front cover ), bottom  ( Picture of your LP back cover  ) and side ( Title of your record ).

      If  you want to combine two LPs into a single CD , we can do that. The cost is the same as transferring 2 LPs to 2 CDs. For this service, please make sure that the total audio on the LPs is less than 80 minutes. We will also combine several vinyl records using the selected tracks of music at your own choice onto a single CD. Please Email us for a quotation.


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