Poster printing or large-format prints for photos and arts from your digital photo or graphic files, Poster reproductions for dulicating your favorite posters or paintings which you have difficulty to find.

Light Sound digital photo, video and audio . We provide services for poster printing, large format digital photo enlargement, graphic design and photo editing, digital audio, video conversions to DVD, SVCD, VCD and audio CD.

 Poster size prints or dye-sub prints or photo VCD from digital files taken with your digital camera.


 Film scan, poster size or large-format photo enlargement from your 35mm slides or negatives or photo prints

Video tapes to DVD, SVCD or Video CD converison, audio tapes or vinyl records to audio CD conversion for a long term storage.

 convert video clips taken with your camcorder to DVD, super VCD or Video CD


 Poster printing, large format prints for photos or arts from your digital files, on paper, backlit film or canva.

 Poster size digital photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print. We scan  your films with the Nikon LS-4000 ED film scanner for a wide dynamic range, with ICE and GEM turned on.

 Dye-sub printing  from Kodak DS8650 PS produces high quality continuous color tone photos from your digital files

 Scan your 35mm slides or negatives into professional quality 4000 dpi high resolution digital files with the Nikon LS-4000 ED film scanner

 Poster reproductions, duplicate your large-format posters or paintings

 Custom graphic design for posters, advertisements, brochures

 Edit your photo to the way you like such as restoring damaged parts, changing background, shape, taking out certain objects


Video tapes to  DVD video conversions for a much longer lifetime. Tapes only last for a few years but DVD lasts for decades

  Video tapes to  SVCD video conversions for a much longer lifetime. Tapes only last for a few years but  super VCD lasts for decades

   Video tapes to  VCD conversions for a much longer lifetime. Tapes only last for a few years but Video CD lasts for decades

 Store your digital photos taken with your digital camera on a photo VCD . You could watch  slide shows on TV by playing the photo VCD with your DVD player.

 Customize your karaoke Video CD by combining  your favorite songs on different Video CD.

 Video tapes conversions between international standards: NTSC and PAL


 Convert your old vinyl records into audio CD for easy access and cleaning up the annoying clicks and pops

 Convert your casette tapes or HiFi VHS tapes into audio CD for easy access and long term storage



Digital photo files to photo VCD  conversions



      Photo VCD ( Video CD ) is a special form of VCD which plays on  VCD players and DVD players  which is  VCD 2.0  compatible. Instead of  moving pictures, photo VCD displays still pictures on your TV . One photo VCD could contain as many as 2000 pictures in the resolution of 640x480. We group photos into different photo albums. Each photo album title page is displayed in the main menu and can be selected by entering a number ( on your remote control )  corresponding to the photo album . We allow a maximum number of 50 photos in each album. When you are in the title page of the photo album, hit PLAY button to start the slide show. The display time for each photo is 10 sec ( unless you specify for other timing when order ). You could use the NEXT or BACK button on your remote control to advance or backward the displayed photos manually. Hit RETURN to get back to the title page during slide show. Hit RETURN to get back to the main menu when you are in the photo album title pages.

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Photo VCD  up to  100 photos



Photo VCD  up to  200 photos



Photo VCD  up to  500 photos



Photo VCD  up to  1000 photos



Each additional copy of photo VCD


To order, please group your photo files into folders. Photos under each folder will be in the same photo album. Please name your folders in same way you want them appear in the album title page. Under each folder, select one photo which you want it to appear in the album title page and rename it to " title.jpg " . Each image file could be at any resolution, but best at 640x480 .

    If you already have a DVD player, click here to find out the  VCD ( on CD-R ) compatibility of your DVD player. If you are looking for a DVD player, we recommend JVC XV-S300BK ( available in Best Buy ) and RCA RC5240P ( available in Target or Radio Shack ). Both players have been tested by us and confirmed compatibility with all the media produced by us including DVD-R, SVCD, VCD, photo VCD. We are not responsible for problems due to incompatibility of your DVD player with our media.