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All format video tapes including Hi8/8mm, DV, Betamax, VHS  to DVD, SVCD or Video CD converison, casette tape, reel to reel tape, or vinyl  to CD recording for a long term storage.

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Poster size digital photo printing, photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print.

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Poster Printing

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Poster size digital photo enlargement from your slides, negatives, or photo prints



    We  turn your favorite photographs ( such as wedding photos, family photos .. ) into large format photos. For better quality, your slides or negatives ( We take all formats of films except APS ) are needed. If you don't have the films, your photo print would do, but  the  resolution and dynamic range of the enlarged prints are not as good as what would come out from your films.

    We scan your 35mm slides or negatives into a professional quality and high resolution ( 4000 dpi ) digital file. ( 2000 dpi for the larger format films ).  The file will then be printed out digitally. There are certain advantages of enlarging your photo digitally comparing to the conventional chemical enlargement, especially for enlarging photos from your slides:

  • Dynamic range of the photo is much easier controlled digitally. You get more details in  shadow and high light areas.

  • With the ICE defect- removing technology , most defects on your films, such as scratches, dust particles..., could be removed easily without losing picture quality.

  • Correct your under or over exposed film condition more effectively.

  • Enlarge your photos to much larger size pictures than that of  conventional prints.

  • Make high quality large size back lit films for your photos more cost effective.

    We charge $ 3.00 per scan  ( with defect and grain removal upon your request )  of your films or prints on top of the printing cost . Please click here for the details and pricing of our poster size digital printing . Upon request, we will upload your scanned high resolution digital files on  our server for you to download them for future enlargements.



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