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      Photo DVD is a special form of DVD video which plays on standard DVD players . Instead of  moving pictures, photo DVD displays still pictures on your TV and perform slide shows for your pictures . Depending on the timing of the slide shows, each  photo DVD could contain thousands of high quality pictures in the resolution of 720x480. We group photos into different photo albums. Each photo album title page is displayed in the main menu and can be selected by entering a number ( on your remote control )  corresponding to the photo album . We allow a maximum number of 99 photos in each album. When you are in the title page of the photo album, hit PLAY button to start the slide show. The default display time for each photo is 7 sec with 2 sec of crossed slides transition periods ( unless you specify for other timing when order ). You could use the Fast Foward or Backward buttons on your remote control to advance or backward the displayed photos manually and the PAUSE button if you want to stay on a picture for a longer time. Hit MENU or RETURN button  to get back to the main menu during the slide show. 

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Photo DVD  up to  100 photos ( from digital files )



Photo DVD  up to  200 photos ( from digital files )



Photo DVD  up to  500 photos ( from digital files )



Photo DVD  up to  1000 photos ( from digital files )


  VPD05   Scan from  a negative, slide, or photo print  to digital file  ( per scan )   $  0.50


Each additional copy of photo DVD

$  8.00 

    To order, please group your photo files into folders. Photos under each folder will be in the same photo album. Please name your folders in same way you want them appear in the album title page. Under each folder, select one photo which you want it to appear in the album title page and rename it to " title.jpg " . Each image file could be at any resolution, but best at 720x540 .

     We can put background music on the photo DVD for entertaining slide shows. For background music, please add $ 10 per DVD to the total and you have to provide us with the music ( on a CD, a tape, or a record ).

   If you have 35 mm slides, negatives, or photo prints and want to transfer to photo DVD, we will scan them for you at a resolution of 3000x2000 for 50 cents per frame ( VPD05 ) or slides. We will provide a CD with all the scanned photos on it. You may order the CD with the scanned photos only. ( Without photo DVD )



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