Poster printing or large format printing for photos and fine art from your digital photos or graphic files, Poster reproductions for dulicating your favorite posters or paintings which you have difficulty to find.

Wide Format Printing

Photo DVD Conversion


 Large Format Photo Prints

Vinyl to CD conversion

 Video Tape to DVD Transfer

Graphic / Photo

Large Format Printing

Poster size digital photo printing, photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

Film Scan


16MM Film to DVD

Video Tape to DVD Transfer

Video Transfer

8MM Film to DVD Transfer

Photo DVD Conversion

Video Tape to DVD Transfer


Vinyl to CD conversion

Reel to Reel Tape to CD


Order instructions



Light Sound,

1434 Greenwood Drive,

Piscataway, NJ 08854 .

Tel : 732-968-0304.


By placing the order, you and Light Sound have the following agreements:

  • You agree to take full legal responsibility for the materials you ask us to print, copy or  transfer.

  • Due to our low profit margin, services you ordered are nonrefundable. Based on our criteria, we produce the best quality product according to the materials which you send to us and the media of your choice. 

  • Light Sound is not responsible for loss or damage of your materials during shipment and normal operation procedure.

Ordering information and shipping costs:

  • Minimum order is $15.

  • Shipping and handling ( except the foam board mounted and laminated posters ) is a flat rate $6 per order or package. ( within US, please contact us if the shipping address is not in US ). We ship ( with tracking number ) via priority mail, UPS ground , or media mail , depending on the amount of the order, the weight of the package, and where you are. We will absorb the extra shipping cost if it is over $6.

  • You may Email or call us to select your preferred shipping way. In this case, you pay for the exact shipping cost, or using your charge number for the particular carrier which you are asking for.

  • You may add shipping insurance for an extra cost of $2 ( flat rate ) . If you don't have shipping insurance, we are not responsible for loss or damage to the product during shipment ( Although the chance for these things happen is very small ). In these situations, the most we could help you is to redo the services at half of the original prices to cover our costs of materials and time.

  • We keep the processed digital data ( videos, scanned images, audio .. ) on our computer systems for up to 3 weeks. It is important that you notify us within this time frame if you don't receive your package, or if you find problems on the processed media, or if you want additional copies of the media.

To order ( No order form is necessary. We do need your contact info such as shipping and Email addresses ),  please:

  • If you have digital files, click here to upload your files and Email us the file names and the detailed information of your order.

  • If you have materials ( CDs, Tapes, LPs ... ) to be processed, ship them with a note to Light Sound, 1434 Greenwood Drive, Piscataway, NJ 08854

  • Payment: As other online businesses, you need to pay in advance before we process your order. ( We take Purchase Order from companies or educational organizations. Please contact us before placing a Purchase order ) Please either send us a check, a money order, or make payment using your credit card, your online check through PAYPAL. ( Please click on the PAYPAL Logo below to pay. You will be connected to the Paypal website. Follow the instruction over there to pay. You don't  have to be a PAYPAL member to pay. You need to figure out or ask us the total amount of payment in advance )



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