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     Convert your old super 8 / 8 mm , or 16mm films to DVD for easy access. ( Please don't confuse the super 8 /8mm films with the Hi8 / 8mm magnetic video tapes. The super 8 / 8mm films are optical long plastic strips and can be played with movie projectors ). These films are mostly running at 18 frame / second. We synchronize the speed of video capturing with  the speed of the running film so that no noticeable flickering in the captured video ( see Tech Tips for details). We manually adjust the brightness during the capturing process so that the main objects in the video have the correct exposure. If there are sound tracks on the Super 8 ( magnetic ), or 16mm ( optical )  films, we have the technology to capture the sound along with the video, with good synchronization between the audio and video, and correct audio pitches as well ( see Tech Tips ).

       We combine rolls onto a single DVD, with chapter buttons in the main menu linked to each rolls. ( You may also provide a text file with simple descriptions for each rolls and we will put the descriptions on the chapter buttons ). Each DVD can contain up to 2 hours of video.

      The cost for the conversion depends on the amount of film per roll. Basically, we charge $0.08 per foot of film, plus $2 handling fee per roll of film. Following is a price table for the conversion  per roll filled with standard length of films. There will be 10% extra charge if your films have sound track and you want to capture the sound track as well. We can put background music on the DVD, there is a 15% extra charge for this service and you have to provide us with the music in digital format ( audio CD or MP3 files ). Note: There is a minimum order of $20 for film to DVD transfer services.

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super8 / 8mm, or 16mm film to DVD conversion, 3" roll, 50 ft

$  6.00 


super8 / 8mm, or 16mm film to DVD conversion, 5" roll, 200 ft

$ 18.00


super8 / 8mm, or 16mm film to DVD conversion, 6" roll, 300 ft

$ 26.00


  super8 / 8mm, or 16mm film to DVD conversion, 7" roll, 400 ft   $ 34.00 


Each additional copy of DVD

$   8.00 


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