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Film scans from your 35mm slides, negatives



    We scan your 35mm slides or negatives into a professional quality and high resolution ( 4000 dpi ) digital file.  The scanner we use , the Nikon super Coolscan LS-4000 ED film scanner,  is one of the best professional film scanner in terms of maximum dynamic range ( Dmax ) and low noise. You get significantly more details in the in the shadow and high light areas. This is especially helpful for scanning slides or films with a tolerable under or over exposure. There are also two special features come with the scanner:

  • The ICE defect-removing technology, which is done by performing an extra pass of scan using IR ( infrared ) light source. Most defects on your films, such as scratches, dust particles..., are removed by filling the defect areas detected by the IR scan, without losing picture quality.

  • The digital GEM ( Grain Equalization and Management ) feature of the scanner reduces the grain appearance of your film ( especially for high speed films ) at poster size.

      In cases where extremely high dynamic range is needed, such as photos taken under sunshine on slides, single scan won't do a good job due to the limitation of the dynamic range of CCD array which is used inside scanners. We offer a special scanning service to deal with the situation. This service scan the slide twice at different gain levels of the CCD and then combine the images with special Photoshop technique. The result is comparable to the high end drum scanners which scan the film two dimensionally with  photo detectors or PMTs. ( The process is a lot slower than using CCDs )

    We will apply defect removal ( ICE on ) and/or  grain removal ( GEM  ) upon at your request ( free of charge, the image sharpness may be slightly lower with these function on. We don't recommend it unless it is necessary ).  We will include a CD with your high resolution digital files on it. 

PFS01 35mm film scan, slide or negative  $3.00
PFS02 35mm slide double-scan  $5.00

The above prices are scans per frame or slide at 4000dpi. For more economical scans at a lower resolution in bulk volume ( For example, a whole roll of film ), please click here for details.


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